Do You Write?

…to snub the French. Today, I bought my first Moleskine (mol-a-skeen’-a) notebook. The … but here are some options for you: Davis Kidd Barnes & Noble … · 26 April 2004

Keep Them Straight

…At any given time, I may have four or five Moleskine notebooks in use. One tracks changes I want to … · 20 June 2004

Leonardo Da Vinci

…original thoughts and building on knowledge. The Moleskine notebooks come with a history of their use … · 27 June 2004

Carts and Horses and Rat Races · 8 February 2006

Who Wants to Get Things Done?

…The urgent is seldom our most important priority. Moleskine notebooks have been mentioned here a few times. … · 18 January 2005